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Some of the steroids we have spoken about previously carry a whole host of negative health consequences, but there are a couple that are of particular concern to male users. First, there is the small issue (well, it could potentially be a large issue) of gynecomastia. I find it hard to believe that the men using steroids to harvest muscular gains for a ripped physique want to end up with a pair of breasts!

Second, and the one I would be most worried about personally, is the matter of infertility following a course of anabolic steroids. If you remember some of the previous blog posts you’ll be aware that, even though many steroids contain a testosterone base, people can respond to them in very different ways. This means that each steroid can bring about different health problems. The steroids that are capable of destroying your crown jewels are Sustanon, Anavar, and Deca Durabolin all of which have many more side effects:

  • The other side effects of Sustanon >
  • The other side effects of Anavar >
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The risk of shrinkage

These, along with many other steroids, can do a great deal of damage to a man’s genitals – and this often gets overlooked. Did you know that taking steroids could shrink your testicles? Well, you do now, and it happens because the excess testosterone throws the body out of sync. Your body soon recognises that it has more testosterone than normal, and this leads to a halt in the production of natural testosterone. It is this protective mechanism that leads to a reduction in testicular size.

To make matters worse, your testicles won’t just spring back to normal when you stop taking steroids. The carry-on effect is that you won’t have enough natural testosterone until your body flicks the switch back on and testosterone levels return to normal. The higher the dose and duration of steroid use, the longer this natural testosterone suppression occurs. Some men suffer from low testosterone levels for up to two years after finishing steroids. So you may have small testicles for a considerable length of time. During this period, “getting it up” may also become a bit of an issue! Embarrassing, isn’t it?


Worryingly, that’s not the worst of it. The above risks will, naturally, be of concern to most men, but the real issue is that of permanent infertility. Steroids lower both natural testosterone production and sperm production – so effectively that the World Health Organisation (WHO) is looking into testosterone-based male contraception! You have to respect the power of testosterone or you may regret it in the long run.


I’ve mentioned the three steroids above, but all steroids ranging from Human Growth hormone (HGH) to Dianabol have the power to affect your fertility. If you still have your fertility, then be thankful for it. Many people don’t, and risking it for vanity really isn’t worth it. Ultimately, you make the decisions that you feel are best for you, but if you want some friendly advice then it may be worth checking out the safer, legal alternatives to steroids.

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