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It is simply not possible to get rid of body fat without hard work in the gym and kitchen. A suitable fat burner maximizes the effects of your hard work, supplying extra ammunition to your body, in the fight against body fat. Fat burners work on the principle of increasing metabolism, increasing energy, suppressing appetite, or blocking fat absorption.
You can maximize the efficiency of your fat burners and get the most combustion with the following six steps!


You can’t just use fat burners and have poor nutrition and poor training.
A high-quality fat burner will simplify your journey. Many products are not only designed to increase fat burning, but can also reduce appetite and increase your energy. To get the most out of these effects and really burn calories, it is very important that you have a well-designed fitness program.


There are dozens of products to choose from on the market, so finding the right fat burner for you and your goals is not always easy. But there are a few general procedures that can help you. Fat burners generally fall into two broad categories: stimulant-based and stimulant-free.
Stimulant-based fat burners contain a combination of one or more of the following ingredients: caffeine, synephrine, tyramine. These ingredients aim to increase energy, suppress appetite and increase the release of fat from fat cells (which will be burned as energy).
Non-stimulant fat burners are ideal for those who are sensitive to ingredients with stimulant effects such as caffeine, synephrine, tyramine and yohimbine. In the field of non-stimulant fat burners, the most effective products are green tea extract, acetyl-L-carnitine, CLA and appetite suppressants such as caralluma fimbriata or phaseolus vulgaris (white bean) extract and cynara scolymus extract. (artichoke).


It is very important that you also reduce your calorie intake if you want to lose fat. Take advantage of the appetite suppressing feature by taking the burner immediately after waking up or at least 30 minutes before breakfast and taking the next dose before lunch or 30 minutes before cardio exercise.
The fasting pill will provide you with an increase in metabolism and thermoregulation throughout the morning, and the second dose will provide you with the mentioned effect for the rest of the day.
In the evening, stimulant burners are not recommended due to possible sleep disturbances, so if you want to burn fat during the night, we recommend using a stimulant-free burner before bed, the best of which is CLA.


As fat burners increase your metabolism, you will find that you sweat more when you take them. Stimulants such as caffeine also have diuretic effects, so you may visit the toilets more often.
By drinking at least 3-4 liters of cold water a day, you will not only be sufficiently hydrated, but it has also been shown to speed up metabolism and promote fat loss. It is recommended to drink at least 250 ml of water with each dose of fat burner.


Over time, the body becomes desensitized to certain components and this is exactly what happens with stimulant-based supplements. To avoid these counterproductive effects, you should take a cycle and take stimulant-based supplements for 4 weeks, and then take a break for 2 weeks. Use products without stimulants during those two weeks between cycles.
The best way to find out if you need a break is to judge how you feel when you take them. If, after a few weeks of use, you find that you are no longer as “kicked” as you were at a regular dose, then it is time to take a break.


One of the most important but often overlooked steps on the way to a lean and muscular figure is a reasonable deep sleep. In fact, some people turn to fat burners to gain more energy for exercise because they are constantly in a state of lack of sleep. Unfortunately, this approach can lead to an increase in blood cortisol and a decrease in testosterone, which will keep you significantly behind in terms of muscle gain and loss of fat. Sleep is essential for repair, recovery and hormonal balance. You’ve heard about it before, because it’s very important: Every night, make sure you have seven to eight hours of deep sleep.
If you find that your fat burners are blocking your sleep, do not take anything with stimulants after your lunch dose. In particular, you should limit other sources of stimulants before 6 p.m. If you exercise in the evening, make sure your pre-workout supplements are caffeine-free and stimulant-free.

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