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Are you someone who struggles during the day to consume enough calories to build muscle? If so, try these 6 tips for people who have trouble picking up!
Here are 6 tips to help you overcome the obstacles to gaining more muscle mass.

1. Stop worrying about what’s healthy and what’s not

One of the biggest mistakes I see in people trying to gain pounds is that they try to eat too healthily. In general, the “healthy scoop” of these people is very poor in terms of energy.
For example, sweet potatoes and normal potatoes have become the basis of some people’s “intake” diet because they are rich in carbohydrates and people think they have a lot of calories. However, the truth is that foods like these do not have enough.
The average medium-sized sweet potato has only 30 grams of carbohydrates and is one of the foods that saturates the most. Do you think you eat a lot of carbohydrates by eating 5 medium-sized sweet potatoes a day? Unfortunately, you only get 150 grams of carbs from them, which is not enough calories at all to build muscle mass when it comes to carbs.
It usually extends beyond carbohydrates, straight to protein sources. For example, chicken breasts also have a very low energy content and will feed you really fast (with each bite you will feel really full).
If you are a person who is having a hard time gaining weight, you need to maximize your calorie intake in every part of your diet. Choose protein sources that have a higher energy content than chicken thighs, 80/20 ground beef, fatty fish such as salmon, etc.
The same goes for choosing fats.

2. Liquid calories as a basis

If you have a hard time gaining and don’t drink a lot of your calories, you’re doing it wrong.
Liquid calorie intake is a method of injecting extra energy into yourself, and it’s also the perfect way to get a lot of calories into yourself without having to set aside a ton of space in your stomach, go through the painful preparation of calorie-heavy food, and waste time eating it. .
For example, you can throw 2 full cups of milk, 2-3 bananas, some whey protein, 2-3 tablespoons of peanut butter, spinach and whatever comes to mind, press the miracle button and 60 seconds later you have a ready meal containing 1000 -1500 calories and you can drink it on the way to the gym.
Liquid foods are usually faster to digest and people do not feel as full as solid foods with the same caloric intake, allowing you to get more calories into you during the day. For most people, these high-calorie liquid foods are a tenth or lead.

3. Smug calories into your body by mixing foods

There is one trick that really helps people get more food into their stomachs: mixing meals together.
Let me explain what I mean.
For example, when those who are gaining weight are preparing rice, it is quite easy to add a little butter or olive oil to the rice at the end, which will increase the number of calories by up to 200-300 calories per serving. It packs pretty quickly when you have two servings of rice a day.
The same goes for the preparation of proteins. A tasty sauce can be combined with grilled chicken. It can be, for example, just a simple chimichurri with a base of olive oil or a decent portion of barbeque sauce.
If you are preparing a salad, wrap it with a good portion of avocado, nuts and a proper salad dressing. If you try hard enough, you can turn a salad with 200 calories into a salad with 2,000 calories.

4. Capture your brain

In addition to society, strange music, psychedelics, and dubious fashion, other interesting things came into being in 1970: designer food.
Between 1970 and early 2000, there was a boom in scientific food research, which revealed how to design food that clutches in your brain the food enjoyment response.
By finding the right combinations of salt, sugar, fat, energy, crunchiness and other key aspects of food, food manufacturers have made a number of super tasty foods to the point where they can go through your natural behavior and signal hunger in the brain.
Think of it this way. When you arrive a large portion of dinner, where you have roasted chicken, broccoli and brown rice, you feel properly filled and someone offers you a bowl of ordinary baby carrots, you think, “I’m so full, there is no such thing as to eat anything” and you refuse.
However, when someone offers you a plate of hot cookies with pieces of chocolate, you say, “Cough it up, I can still find a place for these 4 bad boys.” This is the power of tempting food.
Of course, with super tasty and tempting brainstorming foods, it should not be overdone, because as they are sources of almost empty calories, it can cause you serious problems that you did not plan. However, if you have difficulty getting enough calories, these dishes can be super helpful for you.

5. Skip the vegetables

Before you all look at me angrily… I understand you. Vegetables are important for our health and longevity, but during 70-100 years on this planet you can put vegetables on their side for 6-12 months. Don’t worry, you won’t die!
But why omit vegetables? It’s simple math. If you have severe difficulty gaining weight, you can’t afford to waste a precious spot in your stomach for essentially empty calories.
Broccoli is great, but it won’t help you pack up on pounds (or grams) of muscle tissue. You better save your empty space in your stomach for the calories you need to grow.

6. Preparation, preparation, preparation

People think that food preparation is key when following a diet. I would say that it is more important for those who have a hard time gaining and trying to gain some of that mass.
It is simple. You can simply grab a protein bar or protein shake and call it food if you are busy and need to follow a diet. However, it is much harder to satisfy your protein and caloric needs when you are trying to consume 5,000+ calories a day.
If you’ve ever tried to eat 5,000+ calories a day for more than a day or two, you know how much food it actually is and how much effort you need to put in to eat it every day. If you were to stop and cook every single meal, you would spend 16 hours a day cooking, eating and washing – preparing food becomes an important part.
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