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IUPAC name: 2,4-Dinitrophenol
Molecular formula: C6H4N2O5.
Molar Mass: 184.106
Density: 1.683 g/cm³
Melting Point:108 °C, 381 K, 226 °F
Boiling Point: 113 °C, 386 K, 235 °F
Acidity: 4.114

What is DNP?

For purposes of this article we will stick to the physiological application of DNP. If I had to describe DNP in one word…poison. DNP prevents normal chemical reactions at the cellular level. It impedes the normal function of cellular metabolism.

Where did DNP Come from?

The US Army categorizes DNP as a potential insensitive munitions compound because it was used to ignite TNT in the early 1900’s. DNP was found to have other properties that made it useful for making dyes, wood preservatives, photographic developer, and pesticides. DNP is highly toxic, and people working with or around the substance can develop side effects like weight loss, high fever, and death. The weight loss aspect prompted studies regarding the effects of DNP on metabolism.

How does DNP work?

DNP makes changes in our metabolism. Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions in our bodies that keep us alive. Our bodies metabolize nutrients to provide us with energy. Oxidation involves the transfer of electrons between atoms (or molecules) and releases energy. The formal name for this process is oxidative phosphorylation. When our body breaks down nutrients and absorbs then into our cells, one of the functions of the cell’s mitochondria is to produce chemical energy called ATP. In order to create ATP, mitochondria capture and use the energy released from oxidative phosphorylation.

DNP is known as a mitochondrial uncoupler of oxidative phosphorylation. In other words, DNP encapsulates and moves protons (ions) across cell membranes, preventing mitochondria from “processing” nutrient molecules, capturing energy via the exchange of electrons, and converting that energy to ATP. The energy released from DNP action is converted into heat energy. Without ATP to provide energy, our bodies look to alternative sources like fat reserves. The overall result is an increase in the metabolic rate by a factor of 30% to 50%.

You might wonder why the body does not use muscle as well as fat as an energy source (catabolism). One of the reasons lies with HSPs (Heat Shock Proteins). HSPs are known to maintain the shape and function of cellular proteins and promote muscle growth. HSPs go to work under circumstances where the body temperature increases, ATP is scarce, and free radicals are present. DNP does all of these things. Although some catabolism is likely to occur with DNP present, it follows that exercise combined with the release of HSPs result in the protection of muscle cells and promotion of protein synthesis.

How is DNP Dangerous?


  1. DNP can kill you. We discussed how DNP converts the energy from food into heat energy, which increases body temperature. Unfortunately there is no limit to how high your body temperature can get while on DNP, so it can literally “cook” you.
  2. DNP can cause fever, stroke, nephritis, tachycardia, respiration problems, coma, and peripheral neuritis.
  3. DNP is a cumulative poison, meaning that it builds up in your system every day that you take it. It takes 3 weeks to evacuate your system and by the time you have a problem, it can be too late.
  4. DNP causes cataracts in 1 out of every 1,000 people.
  5. 10% of users develop and allergic reaction that includes hives, blisters, and rashes.
  6. Without ATP cells start to die.
  7. Free radicals cause cancer.
  8. The EPA, NTP, ASTDR, and WHO all categorize DNP as a category 1 toxic chemical.
  9. We do not really know how much cellular damage DNP causes.


What are the benefits of DNP?


  1. Fat loss
  2. Anabolic rebound – After a DNP cycle the body is in a highly anabolic state.
  3. T3 reduction – If you happen to be running DNP right after an AAS
  4. cycle, the DNP can reduce the excessive T3 production that causes much of the
  5. catabolic type muscle loss post cycle.


Note: DNP can lower T3 to below optimal levels, so in some cases it may be necessary to start taking small doses of T3.

How should I take DNP?

I have a conservative stance on when to use DNP, how much to use, and how long to use it. 

Some people argue that DNP should be used on cycle so as to protect muscle. My contention is that DNP makes you feel like crap, and it can detract from lifting at your best while on cycle. If I am on cycle I want to be lifting hard and I do not want to worry about energy levels or heat stroke.

Other people argue that DNP should be used well after PCT. My only concern would be low energy levels and possible T3 issues. These concerns are manageable via things like ECA stacks and T3 supplementation.

My most preferred time to run DNP is when I start PCT. I still have energy and strength from my cycle and I avoid the whole catabolic post cycle phase. In addition, I have a nice little anabolic rebound at the end of my DNP run and I get to see the results from all my hard work on gear.

DNP is cumulative and it takes three weeks to clear your system. Do not  up your dose because you think you can handle more. Do not use drugs or drink alcohol.

Please note that you do not need to “feel” DNP for it to be working. People have different tolerance levels, even for poisons. You can only get so much DNP into your system (before you die), so you can choose to take a higher dose short cycle or lower dose long cycle. Regardless, by the end of the cycle you will feel the heat and toxicity.

Low Dose Long Cycle

Start with a dose of 200mg per day [100 mg every morning / 100 mg
every evening]. Run it for two or three weeks. 

Day 1 – 14: 200 mg ED
Day 15 – 21: 200 mg ED*

*Experienced users may choose to run the cycle for an additional week.

Total DNP consumption for long cycle: (2,800 to 4,200 mg)

High Dose Short Cycle

Start with a dose of 200 mg per day [100 mg every morning / 100 mg
every evening]. Within 2 to 4 days you should know if you have an allergy.

Day 1 – 4: 200 mg ED
Day 5 – 9: 400 mg ED
Day 10 – 11: 400 mg ED*

*Experienced users may choose to go above the max recommended daily dose of 400 mg
and run the cycle for an additional couple of days.

Total DNP consumption for short cycle: (2,800 to 4,000 mg)

What are common sides to DNP?


  • Discomfort and sweating
  • Insomnia
  • Yellow bodily fluids
  • Muscle Soreness
  • Allergic Reactions
  • Carbohydrate Cravings
  • Vomiting (a good sign that you should stop)


What food and supplements should I take while on a DNP cycle?

You may lose your senses of taste and smell so this is a good time to teach yourself how to eat without using condiments and all the other crap you dont need.


  • Water – One or two gallons a day. Dehydration is the leading cause of DNP problems, including death.
  • Fruit – Glycogen will be depleated. Fructose is good.
  • Protein – Diet should be heavy on protein.
  • Fiber – DNP can be rough so you may want to regulate (pun intended).
  • Complex Carbs – Carbs will make you hot. You should try to time your carb intake so that you are not eating carbs before workouts or before sleep.
  • Multi vitamin – You are likely to be on a rescticted diet and you will need to supplement.
  • Antioxidants – To stop the free radicals
  • Electolytes – V8 is good.
  • Melatonin – If necessary, to help you sleep.
  • ECA stack – If necessary, to boost your energy levels.

DNP for Dummies:

DNP has some painful results, so do not jump for DNP out of curiosity, or without the needed will power to OPERATE this responsibly. So here are my experienced guidelines to using it the RIGHT way.

Dosing. Use ONLY (200mg for men) and (100mg for women) a day for the first four days. Who cares that you don’t “feel” anything yet and you wanna BUMP it up. DNP accumulates in the body, and not “feeling” something means NOTHING. It’s there, and it’s working (the effect on metabolism begins within two hours of the first dose!). Four days will let you test your tolerance: do you have an allergy? Does it give you a rash? etc.

Only after those four days do you BUMP it up, by 200mg a day. The average dose is 400-600/ day, and more than that gets a little severe. A full gram is the highest dose anyone use. Stay around 600 a day, which is HOT but safe and effective. Take caps even hours apart through the day, ending about 4-5 PM.

How to eat on DNP. This is purely personal experience, because some guys like to carb-deplete *before* using DNP (then eat carbs as usual while on), and other guys like a low-carb approach throughout. Both are fine. Using DNP is the only time that fructose is a desireable cutting carb, because it keeps the liver replentished. That reduces lethargy and spares muscle.

Be aware that eating high-carb foods WILL increase the heat sensation within an hour, and last about 2 hours. That means don’t eat carbs before bed unless you want those night sweats to be even WORSE. SOME GUYS ate whatever they wanted! IHOP, chinese, fajitas…Yes, it burned hot, but u will still be able to loose 1.5 pounds every 2 days. Keep protein HIGH for muscles’ sake, and try it yourself (on your own risk).

Suggested food:
Blueberry yogurt. Blueberries are excellent antioxidants, and yogurt cultures help with digestive function, gas, and stool consistency (disgustingly soft stools are common during DNP).
Oregano-based foods. Oregano is perhaps one of the most potent antioxidants around, and one spoonful counts as a vegetable serving. Pineapple – I’ve found that pineapple helps alleviate those “DNP Blues”. The fructose helps, and pineapple enzymes aid in protein digestion.
Oatmeal – high-fiber foods are necessary. You’ll find out why around, oh, day 5 or so. Trust that.
Suggested supplements with DNP:
ECA – DNP is not a stimulant. To keep energy high and aid in fat loss, use an ECA. Some advisors suggest that regular ephedrine is preferable to norephedrine because of the more direct “hit” of energy.
Prohormones – perfectly fine on DNP. Just to help keep strength and muscle up, and it worked fine. No problems here. You won’t GROW muscle on DNP, but it’ll help with strength and protection.
Obvious stuff – multivitamin, ZMA, etc.
A pre-workout mixture with low-carb, so it won’t cause carb-heat in the middle of your workout.

Antioxidants – and why to use them:
– Alpha Lipoic Acid – aids in fat management and blood sugar, and an excellent antioxidant.
– Grape seed extract
– Green Tea
– Fruit antioxidants
– Trimethylglyceine – antioxidant, helps move fat and blood lipids into the liver and out of the body. 500mg, 2-4x day.
– Vitamins E and C (multivatamin tabs are good as well)

Supplements NOT to use:
Any medications that suppress energy. No allergy meds, antidepressants, muscle relaxers, or beta blockers. DNP will have you low as it is; don’t worsen your body’s energy by taking something that suppresses you further.
DRUGS – NO alcohol (not even “moderate”), NO ecstasy, NO GHB, etc. If you don’t have the willpower to forget these habits, DNP is not for you.

Working out on DNP. Keep lifting short, 30-40 minutes. DNP works very well, causing your body to use 150% of the calories per action you’d normally use. That means DON’T try to repeat your usual workouts. Drop to moderate weights, 8-12 reps, not to failure, and with plenty of walking rest between sets. You are NOT going to grow muscle on DNP, so don’t use your usual heavy routine. Since DNP can cause light-headedness and heat dizzyness, you have my permission to skip squats in favor of leg presses this time.

Cardio is a controversial one. (ADVICE) – do NOT do cardio on high doses of DNP (600mg or more). It’s dangerous and counterproductive. Below that amount, some cardio is fine, but keep it to 20 minutes and not at full-gallop. Remember, DNP will drain water from your body quickly, causing you to leech out minerals, vitamins, and salts. Don’t overdo it.

During exercise, consume at least 1 liter of water per 30 minutes of work, whether you’re thirsty or not. DNP is evil in the way it blunts thirst, while at the same time doing the cruel trick of bloating your body with water WHILE dehydrating you from water in your organs. MAKE yourself drink. Always folllow DNP exercise with antioxidants, carbs, and this is a good time to use your multivitamin.

Don’t feel embarrassed about poor workouts. Listen to your body, and let it tell you when enough’s enough; don’t gauge workouts by what you *usually* can do otherwise.

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Where Can I buy DNP?

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