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Our body produces ATP (adenosine triphosphate) for all our movements and performances, but it usually does not produce enough. What is ATP? Can ATP be used as a supplement? You will also find answers to these questions in our article.

What is ATP?

Adenosine triphosphate or ATP is the main source of energy that keeps our bodies alive. ATP has long been considered a chemical that the body makes from other nutrients, but not a supplementable substance. However, taking ATP pills or pills could be beneficial to your workouts. ATP has three phosphate groups (triphosphate) in each molecule. When these groups are removed from the molecule, a huge amount of energy is released. Your body uses energy to perform several critical processes. These include the transport of proteins and lipids to and from cells, communication between cells, DNA and RNA synthesis and, last but not least, it controls the muscle contractions that allow movement.

How does ATP work?

When you use your muscles, your body creates new ATP to maintain energy intensity. But muscle tissue can only store enough to last only a few seconds. When you have a hard workout, you deplete energy very quickly, so your body focuses on phosphocreatine, glucose and oxygen to replenish ATP. Some people take a keratin supplement that provides energy for short-term, high-intensity exercise. Creatine supplies this energy by increasing phosphocreatine, which your body can then use to make more ATP. Consumption of carbohydrates before training works in a similar way. This raises blood glucose levels, which can also be used to increase the amount of ATP during a process called glycolysis.

Advantages of ATP supplements

Some studies point to beneficial effects, and subsequent studies using human participants have unfortunately not been so promising. But that’s not the end of the story. ATP supplements may not directly increase the amount of chemical in your muscle tissue, but they can improve blood flow to active tissue, increasing physical performance and speeding up regeneration.

Improve your strength and endurance

A study in medicine, science, and sports found that two weeks of supplementation did not increase the amount of ATP in muscle tissue, but allowed study subjects more repetitions with greater intensity than subjects without supplementation. Another study showed that 400 milligrams of ATP taken over 15 days reduced muscle fatigue and helped participants develop more energy during intense exercise compared to the control group. The researchers found that 400 milligrams of ATP, combined with training for 12 weeks, allowed participants to make significant improvements in their performance compared to participants taking placebo. The study also showed that participants who took supplements gained more than twice the thickness of quadriceps muscle than those who took placebo. A new study from 2017 found that ATP supplementation would prevent its decline after intense exercise. Participants taking the supplements performed better than those taking the placebo.

Increase blood flow

In addition to improving muscle function, ATP supplementation can also increase vasodilation (dilation of the arteries). Wider leadership means that more fuel (oxygen and glucose) gets into the muscles faster. This vasodilation also helps to eliminate metabolic waste products such as lactate and urea from muscle tissue and provides more nutrients for rapid muscle recovery.

Side effects of ATP supplement

To date, no side effects are known with adenosine triphosphate, although the longest study to date has been only 12 weeks. The effects of continuous use have not been studied. It seems that ATP can be safely combined with other supplements.

How is ATP used and what forms exist?

ATP preparations are usually in the form of pills. Health experts often suggest that creatine monohydrate is best if you want to increase ATP levels during exercise. The key is to make sure you get 400 milligrams of ATP to maximize your potential benefits.
A component of a dietary supplement called ribose or d-ribose increases ATP and thus increases energy levels in the body. Our body must maintain its production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) at its highest possible level for maximum energy production and maximum physical performance. You can read more about ribose in our article: What is ribose and how it works.

When should you take ATP?

So far, there are no definitive studies on the best times and amounts of ATP supplements. Existing research suggests that taking 400 milligrams of ATP 30 minutes before exercise is most ideal. On days when you are not exercising, take ATP on an empty stomach about 30 minutes before your first meal.
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