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Codeine 30mg

 30mg / 1 tab. (10tabs.)

Product name: Codein-SLOVAKOFARMA 30 mg

Substance: Codeine dihydrogenphosphate hemihydricus

Manufacturer: Zentiva, a.s. (SVK)


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Codeine successfully helps people to cope with serious pain problems every day. These people are happy to have found a pain killer that works effectively, while at the same time causing very minor side effects. Although this might seem well, and for the most part it is, the only issue is that not everyone has the proper self-control needed to stop using codeine once their serious pain problem has gone away. The serious pain problem a person might be suffering from will go away once they have received treatment dealing directly with the source of that pain. This is best done through a medical professional, but in some instances it may simply go away on its own. This would be the time to discontinue use of codeine. However, some people simply cannot do this, and the reason for this is because they have become too dependent. The way you feel when you are on Codeine When people are on codeine they are pain free for the most part, and this is a very good state to be in. When you are pain free you are comfortable, and this is going to cause a large amount of endorphins to be released into your body. Codeine is also responsible for helping to release a large amount of endorphins into the brain. The level of endorphins released is very similar to how many are released when a person is engaging in sexual intercourse. Codeine sensations similar to those of sex Believe it or not people who end up developing an addiction or a dependency on codeine are doing it not because they are trying to deal with pain. People are over using codeine because they cannot get enough of the sensations they feel when they are on it. These sensations can be even more powerful than those experienced during sex. In fact there are a lot of people who would prefer codeine or other forms of painkillers over sex. Strong senses of euphoria Because so many endorphins are being released into the brain by taking codeine, strong senses of euphoria are being created. This can cause a person to feel similar sensations to those who might be addicted to such drugs as heroin or meth. The two drugs I just mentioned are very hard-core and extremely difficult to get over. Those who do not discontinue use of codeine after their large scale pain problem has subsided are taking the risk of becoming dependent. The best way to protect against dependency In order to avoid the problems I just mentioned, it is going to be crucial that you discontinue use after your pain problems have subsided. Your physician is going to prescribe to you only the amount appropriate for helping you deal with pain. It is not meant to be a substitute for treatment of a serious underlying condition, nor is it meant to serve as an antidepressant. Do not let the alleviation of one problem give way to another. Use codeine to help you deal with a difficult situation, don’t let it be the cause of another one.