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Testosterone Cypionate 250mg LEGITLIFT

 250 mg/ml (vial 10 ml)
Product name: Testosterone Cypionate 250 mg

Substance: Testosterone cypionate

Manufacturer: LEGITLIFT


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ALTERNATIVE STEROID NAMES: Testabol depot, Testosterone cypionate, Banrot, Testosterona Ultra, Cypiotest, Depo-testosterone, Deposteron, Testex Leo Prolongatum, Cypiobolic
ACTIVE SUBSTANCE: Testosterone Cypionate
Strength Gains:
Mass & Weight Gains:
Fat Burning:
Side Effects:
Ability to keep Gains:
Usual dosages: 200 – 600 mg per week
Detection time: 3 months
Best combined with:
Bulking: Deca-Durabolin, Equipoise, Anadrol, Dianabol.
Cutting: Cypionate is usually not used in cutting cycles.
Beginner Use:
Female Use:
Pros: Very good strength and mass building, Long-acting, affordable.
Cons: Noticeable Side Effects, increased risk of baldness.


Active Life: 15-16 days

Drug Class: Anabolic/Androgenic Steroid (for injection)

Average Dose: Men 250-1000 mg/week

Acne: Yes

Water Retention: Yes, high

High Blood Pressure: Yes

Liver Toxic: Low, except in mega dosages

Aromatization: Yes, high

DHT Conversion: Yes, high

Decrease HPTA function: Yes, severe

Detection time: 3 months




In the United States it is the most commonly prescribed testosterone for the treatment of low testosterone, commonly referred to as Testosterone Replacement Therapy (TRT) or Hormone Replacement Therapy (HRT.) It is also one of the most popular performance enhancing steroids of all time the world over and if you’ve ever considered anabolic androgenic steroids there’s a good chance you’ve heard of Testosterone-Cypionate. As are all testosterone forms Testosterone-Cypionate is highly anabolic and androgenic with an anabolic and androgenic rating of 100 in each; in-fact, it is the anabolic and androgenic rating of testosterone by-which all anabolic androgenic steroids are measured. As Testosterone-Cypionate is just that, 100% pure testosterone, you will find it to be a perfect anabolic steroid for almost any purpose and one of the most efficiently well-tolerated anabolic hormones of all. As we look at this compound and try to gain an understanding you will find there are two key points of interest in gaining the knowledge you need; understanding the hormone testosterone itself and how the Cypionate ester that is attached affects it. By this understanding you will discover that all testosterone is virtually the same, as the hormone itself does not change due to the ester that is attached; the ester is not a hormone but rather a mechanism attached to the hormone that affects its activity and total action.


Testosterone is one of the most important hormones any human being will ever produce and it is a hormone all human beings naturally produce, both men and women. While men require nearly ten times the amount of women, in both sexes the hormone plays host to numerous responsibilities in the body that range from muscle tissue growth and preservation, metabolic and sexual function to a host of others all comprising of a well-functioning endocrine system. Many individuals the world over suffer from low levels of the testosterone hormone, the most common cause being age. As men age their natural testosterone levels decline but this effect can be seen in women as well, especially women who are post-menopause and Testosterone-Cypionate is often the means by-which it is remedied. For the individual who suffers from low testosterone he or she may experience a host of problems ranging from muscle and strength loss, a loss of libido and sexual function, increased body-fat, depression, a weakened immune system to a host of other ailments and conditions. In most cases such conditions are easily treated by simply supplementing with a testosterone based hormone and by simply returning levels to a stable yet normal level will in most cases see such conditions resolved. In a strong sense we can look at TRT therapy in a similar light when examining performance enhancement, the difference simply being taking our testosterone levels beyond the normal range, thereby enhancing the effects of the hormone even more so. For the majority of performance enhancers this will revolve around muscle growth and preservation, increasing strength and overall athletic performance as well as improving metabolic activity within the body. Testosterone-Cypionate use is one of the best methods of achieving such goals as its direct mode of action simply promotes their enhancement. As is caused by the presence of testosterone the hormone dramatically increases nitrogen retention in the muscles as well as overall protein synthesis and further enhances red blood cells by increasing the amount and structural capacity. Testosterone also has the ability to block and reduce glucocorticoid hormones in the body, also known as muscle wasting hormones; the most famous of all being cortisol. These hormones, often referred to as “stress hormones” can have disastrous effects as they destroy muscle tissue and promote fat gain, all leading to slower metabolic activity and making fat-loss more difficult than it needs to be. Further and of particular interest, when the testosterone hormone is present in levels beyond therapeutic measure our natural IGF-1 levels increase and as IGF-1 is a powerful anabolic hormone itself, a hormone that plays a key role within every cell of the body, our total activity in both an anabolic and metabolic nature increases yet again. Now that you have an understanding of testosterone the obvious point of interest is how does the Cypionate ester play a role and function. The ester of the steroid is largely what determines the steroids half-life and the larger the ester the longer the half-life will be. The ester attached also affects a particular steroids initial activity but and while not of particular great importance it also affects the compounds total mass. The larger the ester the more mass it takes up in the compound; for example,100mg of testosterone with no ester attached is simply 100mg of testosterone whereas 100mg of testosterone with an ester attached will be a little less than 100mg of actual hormone; how much less will be determined by the size of the ester. In the case of Testosterone-Cypionate we have a compound that carries with it a moderately long half-life as Cypionate is a fairly large ester; the half-life of Testosterone-Cypionate is approximately 12 days long. As a long ester based anabolic steroid the effects of the compound will not be felt very fast but the total activity will stretch past much further than smaller ester based forms such as Testosterone-Propionate. To understand how the half-life works is fairly simple; when we inject 200mg of testosterone Cypionate, a very common dose per injection for any purpose, 12 days past this injection 100mg of active testosterone will be left in the body; as another 12 days passes 50mg of active testosterone will be left in the body and so on until no testosterone is left; this of course does not take into account further injections that may occur but is based on one injection so that understanding may be gained.

The Benefits of Testosterone-Cypionate:

It should be at this stage fairly easy to see the benefits of Testosterone-Cypionate and it doesn’t take a genius to see they are almost everything anyone could ever want out of anabolic steroid use. A common benefit often overlooked is the testosterone hormone’s ability to increase metabolic activity and in-truth this may be one of the greatest benefits of all and for all users of all purposes. For the HRT patient it allows him to garner a healthier physique pure and simple. For the performance enhancer it not only allows him to garner a more pleasing physique but one that is more efficient in nature; the higher our metabolic activity the more efficient our body becomes in most all aspects. Of course often the principle reason of supplemental testosterone use is to increase mass, strength and athletic performance and Testosterone-Cypionate will aid in every aspect and do so remarkably well; however, there are important things to understand. If you’re basing your understanding of Testosterone-Cypionate on popular culture references regarding anabolic steroids then all you need to do is grab a bottle, fill a syringe, inject and watch the show start; sorry, it doesn’t quite work this way. If you are after a true performance enhancing edge you still have to feed the body properly with adequate amounts of food and physical stimulation; through the use of Testosterone-Cypionate we simply enhance these aspects and increase the efficiency. For the TRT patient this might be a relief, for many TRT patients are petrified of testosterone therapy because they assume they’ll turn into the Incredible Hulk; if you do not feed and stimulate properly and in adequate amounts you have nothing to fear; further, HRT doses are typically too low to really do anything in this regard even if you do.

The Side-Effects of Testosterone-Cypionate:

When examining the side-effects of Testosterone-Cypionate or any testosterone there is some good news right from the start; as testosterone is not a foreign substance it is not a hormone our bodies are unaccustomed to; you’ve been producing it at some level your entire life. Even so, when we enter into our body anything of an exogenous nature there is a potential for negative side-effects and the level of potential can vary with each and every item. The same can be said of all anabolic androgenic steroids, the level of potential varies with each and every one; nevertheless, while there is potential the probability is much lower than with many common over the counter medications, especially when we look at testosterone. Testosterone in many ways shouldn’t really be viewed as a drug, it doesn’t share any traits with what we use to determine if something is a drug and it’s not, it’s a hormone and there is a big, big difference. For healthy adult men most all will find that Testosterone-Cypionate is very well-tolerated when used responsibly; in-fact, numerous studies including those done by the New England Journal of Medicine have shown that even in supraphysiological doses the testosterone hormone can be used safely and without side-effects. While responsible use will always be best some individuals may find side-effects to occur and such side-effects caused by Testosterone-Cypionate will be of an estrogenic nature. Testosterone converts to estrogen once present in the body due to the aromatase process and by the buildup of estrogen problems such as Gynecomastia, water retention, high blood pressure and cholesterol issues can occur. While these can be very problematic many individuals will never have to take note of them while just as many will but fortunately we can easily do something about it. While total dose will play a large role so will individual sensitivity but in either case anti-estrogen medications can prove to be invaluable here; most notably and with the greatest authority aromatase inhibitors (AI’s.) An AI actively inhibits the aromatase process as well as reduces the amount of estrogen in your body; understand what doesn’t exist cannot convert and what cannot convert cannot lead to a negative effect. There is another side-effect we must mention and it is one that will affect every man; testicular atrophy. When we supplement with anabolic androgenic steroids, including testosterone our natural testosterone production is suppressed and as testosterone is produced in the testicles, when this production is in decline the testicles shrink. However, through the use of Testosterone-Cypionate this is of no physical concern as our body is being supplied with all the testosterone it needs. Further, testicular atrophy does not imply shriveled up raisins, it simply means the total mass will be a little less and anyone who has ever supplemented with Testosterone-Cypionate before can tell you it’s really not that big of a deal. Most importantly, when use is discontinued the testicles will return to their normal size; as no exogenous hormones of an anabolic steroidal nature are entering the body natural testosterone production will begin again. However, this will generally prove to be useless information to the TRT patient as he will more than likely be on continuous testosterone therapy for the remainder of his life.

Testosterone-Cypionate vs. Testosterone-Enanthate:

They are the two most commonly used Testosterones in both performance enhancement and TRT and two of the most commonly used anabolic steroids of all kinds the world over; Testosterone-Cypionate and Testosterone-Enanthate. For years, decades even there has been a constant back and forth argument on which one is better and you will find individuals on both sides of the fence who swear up and down they are right; so the question is, which one is it? The answer, neither; Testosterone-Cypionate and Testosterone-Enanthate are almost identical in every single way, so closely related that any difference is of such an insignificant nature that the users could not possibly benefit more or less from one or the other. Look at it like this; you have two sandwiches made by the same person with the same ingredients, one was made right now and the other 32 seconds before; one comes with a pickle on the side; which sandwich is better? To give you a more specific understanding both are pure testosterone, both are attached to large esters and while Testosterone-Cypionate most commonly comes dosed at 200mg/ml andTestosterone-Enanthate most commonly comes dosed at 250mg/ml the individual can easily adjust the amounts to receive identical dosing with each. The only difference here lies within the half-life of each; recall, Testosterone-Cypionate carries with it a half-life of approximately 12 days while Testosterone-Enanthate carries with it a half-life of approximately 36 hours less; when we’re extending past a week in total half-life with only 36 hours difference this is meaningless. The truth is simple; the same dosing of each testosterone compound will produce identical results.

Testosterone-Cypionate Cycles & Doses:

Regardless of your purpose be it performance enhancement, TRT or a full blown HRT program you will be very hard pressed to find a better testosterone than Testosterone-Cypionate. In the world of TRT most will find 200mg every 7-10 days to be fairly common place and generally speaking about as high as you’ll ever go but of course in performance enhancing doses will necessarily be much higher. For the performance enhancer minimal dosing will generally be in the 400mg-500mg per week range and most commonly split into two even doses twice per week; for example, for 400mg total per week you might administer the hormone at 200mg on Monday and 200mg on Thursday continuing such a schedule until your total duration is complete. For many 500mg per week will be as high as they ever need to go but in more hardcore circles it is not uncommon for doses to reach levels of 1,000mg per week and at extreme elite levels, especially in competitive bodybuilding they can go much higher. Keep in mind, while the benefits of use will increase as the dose does so will the potential and probability of adverse effects. There is a strong risk to reward ratio at play and in the end you are the only one who can determine how far you want to go with that. Yes, absolutely anabolic steroids and especially those of a pure testosterone nature such as Testosterone-Cypionate can be used safely and effectively but responsible use will always prove to be the ultimate key. Part of responsible use will always include what is known as a Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) plan in order to normalize the body after use has been discontinued. Recall, the use of such hormones as Testosterone-Cypionate will suppress natural testosterone production but natural production will begin again once use is discontinued; however, such production will not begin instantly and there are things we can do to speed up the process. The sooner we get our natural production back up and running the more progress we made through our anabolic steroid use will be kept but most importantly our overall health will be protected; recall yet again, testosterone is essential to our health. This is where a good PCT plan comes in and it is by this plan we can stimulate natural production to begin; common supplemental items often include SERM’s such as Nolvadex andClomid as well as the hormone hCG.