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Steroids Back Acne: what is it (and can you avoid it)?

Steroids Back Acne: what is it (and can you avoid it)?

Steroids Back Acne: what is it (and can you avoid it)?

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14 Aug 2023

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Roids, juice, or whatever you call them, steroids are readily available in many gym communities. There is no doubt that they are the quickest way to build muscle, but like anything in life; there are no quick fixes that don’t have a downside. 

Many side effects come alongside steroid use, and back acne is a common fear for many considering steroid use. 

So do steroids actually cause acne? 

And why do they have this effect?


Anabolic steroids are a synthetic compound that mimics the effects male sex hormone testosterone. 

They are prescribed by medical professionals to treat a range of conditions, including muscle wastage due to cancer or AIDS, and to treat hormonal problems (such as delayed puberty in males.) 

They are never prescribed to young, healthy adults, but many buy street (illegal) steroids in an attempt to increase their muscle gains from the gym. 


Acne is a common skin condition that occurs when your hair follicles become clogged with dead skin cells and oil. The follicles become inflamed, and this leads to the formation of blackheads, whiteheads and red spots, which can be painful. 


The occasional spot usually isn’t termed acne; it indicates a more prolific condition. It can occur anywhere in the body but is most common on the face, back and chest.


Fungal acne occurs when the hair follicles are infected with yeast. Like acne vulgaris, it can occur naturally or as the result of oral or injected steroid use. It is characterized by small itchy red bumps which aren’t painful.


Acne vulgaris is treated with a range of over-the-counter medications and stronger prescription medications. Oral antibiotics and topical antibiotics are often used, along with topical solutions such as benzoyl peroxide, topical retinoids and salicylic acid. 

Fungal acne is treated with antifungal medications such as Fluconazole and Itraconazole

Contrary to popular belief, washing your face often can actually make things worse as it encourages an increase in oil production. So while it’s important to keep your face and body clean, don’t overdo it.


Steroid acne is essentially the same as standard acne, the only difference being that it is brought on by the use of steroids. Steroid acne most commonly forms on the back and chest, but it can also occur on the face and arms. Other distinguishing factors of steroid acne are that it can come on very fast, is often severe, and can be stubborn and hard to treat.


Both injecting and taking steroids in pill form can lead to steroid acne. Studies show that around 50% of steroid users are affected by steroid acne, and the higher the dose, the more likely you are to get it.

Treating steroid acne is done by using standard acne treatments such as oral antibiotics, topical antibiotics, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid and topical retinoids.


The hormonal changes caused by taking steroids initiate an increase in oil production, so there is more oil on the skin to clog up your pores. 

It is also thought that anabolic steroids increase inflammation because it increases the production of the TLR2 receptors used by your immune system.


Steroid use is always dangerous, and there are many side effects, some much more serious than steroid acne. 

The list of side effects is extensive! Below are some of the ones you should be really concerned about.Mood Swings and aggressionA range of fertility/sexual issues for both men and womenStunted growth (in children/adolescents)Earlier onset of male pattern baldness Gynecomastia (breast development) in men and breast reduction in womenTesticular shrinkingNerve damage when taken by injectionFluid retention i.e. bloatingProstate problems, including cancerIncreased risk of liver diseaseIncreased risk of heart problemsExcess facial and body hair for womenStretch marksKidney diseaseGreater risk of injury from exerciseIf unsafe needles are used, you can contract hepatitis B and C, HIV and tetanusHigh blood pressure


If you decide to start using steroids to build muscle, there is a high chance you will develop severe steroid acne. This can be unpleasant to look at and painful; it can really affect your self-esteem.

However, steroid acne should be far from your biggest worry when it comes to anabolic steroids. The other side effects can be life-threatening. We all want to get bigger quicker, but it just isn’t worth the risk.Instead, opt for 100% natural, safe, and legal alternatives to steroids which give you massive building power without the risk.

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