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After exercise, your body needs protein for the regeneration process to run efficiently. If you lie down after training and do not supply the body with the necessary nutrients, the process of regenerating muscle mass may be disrupted and you may lose muscle mass.

Nothing will put you on your feet more after a demanding workout than a supply of protein. You may also rely on an honest rest on the sofa. Please read on before you make yourself too comfortable. If you’ve been through a hard workout, you know that consuming protein is needed to get essential amino acids (EAAs), especially leucine, to restore and grow muscle. In a recent study, Dutch researchers found out what can reduce the amount of EAA needed for muscle tissue in the “anabolic window” after training. At the beginning of the study, the researchers considered other factors that may reduce the absorption of EAA. Protein forms play a major role e.g. fast digestible whey gets more EAA into the muscles than slower casein digestion. Absorption also depends on when the food is consumed, how much you consume, how much your food contains EAA, what the composition of the food is, how it is prepared and how it is eaten. All of these factors can affect the absorption of EAA. The aim of the study was to find out if something as simple as body position could affect this process. The researchers tested eight healthy men who abstained from alcohol and strenuous physical activity for two days before each test and fasted the evening before the test. The next day, their blood was taken and everyone was given a protein drink. After eating, four men remained seated while the other four lay in bed. All participants were bled every 15 minutes for the next 4 hours. This test was repeated once a day for 14 days. At the end of the study, the researchers concluded that men who were in a supine position had significantly lower concentrations of EAA in their blood than participants in upright positions. This is important for those who prefer strength training, because after training in the so-called. “Anabolic window” when muscle repair and growth occurs, it is important how much the person in question has received the right nutrients. As to why this is the case, researchers have pointed to published computer modeling studies that have shown how difficult it is for the stomach contents to continue to move through the digestive tract while lying down.
It is not reasonable to think that after a hard workout you are doing your body a favor by lying down and drinking your protein shake while your body relaxes and absorbs all that goodness. Therefore, resist this temptation at least until your anabolic window closes.
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