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If you are looking for energy, caffeine is a great choice, but it is not the only supplement that can start you. Look for others that are commonly used together with caffeine. Sports nutrition products will help you build muscles, get perseverance and add on strength. They can also provide you with the energy you need.
Don’t you ever want to move you and feel tired? Do you want you to just go out of the fit and just roll up on the couch? Believe that everyone has days of days when it doesn’t feel any activity. This is one with the reasons why the accessories were created! Thus, if you desire for energy increase after training, see these ingredients:


The beginning of the list opens the folder that most people know very well. Caffeine acts on your central nervous system to provide you with physical energy and mental concentration, which can be reflected in a better concentration and in total power. Thus, it helps you burn more fat by release more fatty cell fatty acids, leading to weight reduction. Studies have shown that caffeine improves the total level of exercise resistance and increases the overall level of energy burned from fat resources. Of course, consumption too much caffeine can prime your central nervous system and on the contrary you tired. In addition, your body can adapt to the dose of caffeine, which means that the body will need larger and larger doses to achieve the same power. More about caffeine and its effects are also read in our article: Caffeine and its effects


The next step is citrulin, sometimes as a citrulin-malate. We find him in a red melon’s juicy. Citrulin acts as a vasodilator, by increasing nitric oxide levels in your organism. Arginine is generally considered a major source of nitric oxide, but most of the arginine you obtained does not enter into the blood circulation due to digestive enzymes known as arginases. However, citrulin receives into a blood circulation with a large bioavailability, where it is then turned into arginine so you can draw energy as you just want. In one study where people enjoyed 8 grams daily supplement of citrilline, they were able to complete 53% more repetitions of test exercises than those who have taken placebo. At the same time, people use citroline recorded a 40% drop muscle pain and 24 to 48 hours after training.


When you are looking for a power steering to help you start your training, try synephrine. This adrenergic amine can increase your energy and like caffeine increases your body’s ability to spread and burn fat. Also like caffeine, synefrine stimulates the central nervous system, but does not increase cardiac frequency or blood pressure. If you are hypersensitive to caffeine, Synephrine could be the right for you. It is also sold as “hot orange”, this component works by stimulating beta-3 receptors in your body, which then accelerate the disintegration of stored body fat. Many people have noticed that their appetite is smaller, which further helps in loss of fats. Some people even combine sytefrine with caffeine. However, you’ll be on the lookout! Two things stimulating your central nervous system can lead to anxiety, insomnia and bad digestion at a time.

Green tea extract

If you like energy from caffeine, try green tea extract. Green tea (as well as extract) naturally contains caffeine and plants compounds called catechin polyphenols. Both of these substances help burn fat. In an American study for clinical nutrition, three groups of people were either green tea extract (containing 50 mg of caffeine and 90 mg of catechin polyphenols) or only 50 mg of caffeine or only placebo. A group used by green tea extract, spent 24% more energy than other groups. This group also had higher norepinephrine hormone levels that helps burn fat.


The last on the list of potential energy powerers is Yohimbe. Yohimbe comes from a tree bark and passes to Yohimbine in your body. This component acts as an alpha-2 receptor antagonist. It increases the amount of norepinephrine in the system through limiting the mechanism that would normally inhibit its release. In addition to other stimulating effects, it causes systemic increase in blood pressure through vasoconstriction. Studies confirmed that Yohimbe can also increase the amount of energy that burns in exercise as well as the total metabolism speed. Both features improve your ability to lose weight. However, this substance is unauthorized in the EU in normal sales.
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