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Many years ago, the English company Reflex developed a multivitamin called Nexgen®, to be honest, it was developed to meet the personal needs of the business owner as an exemplary multivitamin product that could reach every level. Thanks to the fact that it was manufactured within the company, a complete control of the components used was achieved and the required quality was achieved. That was about 10 years ago, and since then Nexgen® has evolved very dramatically as the molds have been improved year after year, with the final incarnation being Nexgen® PRO.

The relationship between vitamins is very important

It is very difficult to provide a simple explanation of how Nexgen® PRO has been formulated because there is much to understand as the specific relationships between key ingredients such as magnesium and vitamin D. Few are aware of the important relationship that these two ingredients play in health and the vital importance of these two with another little-known vitamin.

The most important components of a multivitamin

At that time, the owner of Reflex asked himself the question of what are the most important ingredients in a multivitamin preparation. It’s not B vitamins, vitamin C or selenium, but a vitamin that completely changes the game, a vitamin that everyone needs. It is Vitamin K2-MK-7. For several years, K2-MK-7 has been quietly formulated and a specially made variety called K2VITAL has been used.

How much to dose vitamin K2

You may ask how many K2 MK-7s are in Nexgen PRO. The response is 75 mcg of vitamin K2-MK7 (K2VITAL). A really important aspect to keep in mind is that K2-MK7 can be easily degraded in some commercially available K2-MK-7 supplements. Some show significant signs of deterioration, which is why we use K2VITAL, which is an extremely stable form. You can read more about this high-quality form of vitamin K2.
I hope you have also learned that there is an important relationship between vitamin D, magnesium, vitamin K2 and, to a lesser extent, vitamin A. All are associated with the control of calcium in our body and it is necessary that they are all present. Finding more information about this complex thing is easy; A quick search through Google will reveal a considerable amount of valuable information. Take a look at the “COMB” studio, which will tell you a lot and of course any video with Dr. John Whitcomb.
The only thing that is hard to find is a multivitamin containing K2-MK7, vitamin D, magnesium and vitamin A in appreciable doses, which is why we developed Nexgen PRO!
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