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If you regularly visit one and the same gym and noticed here and there and other people, so you have a longer follow-up will certainly also noticed that most of them still use the same weight and reps. Why? Because a lot of wasted time, wasted bodybuilders still use the same training and the same weight training. If building muscle mass and still be adequately supported by a training deployment, so between us would be much more solid guys.
The truth is that most of the builders wasted create their own obstacles, and yet greatly complicate the feasibility of their goals – building muscle and strength. Most of those who do so “difficult to achieve the objectives”, but with joy-called hardcore bodybuilders. Hardcore is not to train 6 times a week for three hours, or copy-Lee Haney training and preparing for competition, but it’s something else entirely.
Create a sensible training plan and follow it without compromise for a longer period of time is what makes the real-Hardcore bodybuilder hardcore bodybuilders, because only he has the necessary dose of willpower, discipline and perseverance. Forget infinitely long training routines, training programs super winners Mr. Olympia and start to think about the basics, without which a strong and massive muscles could exist.
You should take to heart a few things that are necessary for successful training progress.

What role is played by the use of anabolic steroids?

Very simple: bodybuilders who use steroids will make clearly faster, better and more advanced than their natural counterparts. It also achieved a much higher level of development that would not use steroids achieved.
Quite often, there is the silly god and unfortunately also often proclaimed the view that the same mass and strength achieved by use of steroids can also be obtained with the use of “clean” products, but it takes a little longer. This is not true! There is nothing more ridiculous than absolutely false propaganda that extend people who are in their interests trying to conceal the truth – the authors of books and articles “Stop anabolic steroids.” The following lines read an open mind and try to adapt this information to your personal needs.

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1. High-intensity training (High-intensity training).

The body violently rejects any unnecessary changes if they feel best in a constant shape and balance. To be “pulled” out of his passivity, sometimes you need to practice more than used to. Signal that the body needs to begin to build strength and mass is caused by a mass of hard and intense a training deployment. It may also consist of a few series. 5-8 sets for large muscle games and 3-4 sets for small muscle groups is quite sufficient if each series is carried out until muscle failure. Just take the example of Dorian Yates, who not train more than 30-45 minutes a day and up to 4 times a week and despite the multiple Mr. Olympia. In its bet on training intensity and quality.

2. Train with a relatively small number of repetitions.

The human body has two types of muscle fibers – fast white and slow red. Because muscle hypertrophy is largely influenced by the rapid growth of white muscle fibers, sensible training must be drafted so that it is these muscle fibers are sufficiently stimulated. For this purpose, suitable relatively small number of reps per set. They should be in the range 6-10, depending on the size of the muscle portion. Bigger muscles can withstand even higher loads, so the 10 repetitions in a series of back or leg is sufficient. Of course we must not forget the slow red muscle fibers, which are increasingly burdened mostly higher number of repetitions in the series. Such a series with more reps, we should factor into the workout with some frequency to every 3 to 4 training. This will ensure that both types of muscle fibers are sufficiently loaded.

3. Train with gradually increasing trainings-weights.

In order to achieve muscle growth we must expose them regularly increasing opposition’s training – load. This can be achieved if a bodybuilder workout routine, gradually increase the training weight training. What makes muscles stronger the more they seem. Strength and muscle volumes go hand in hand. It must be remembered that NO FORCE IS MASS. Best for scooping forces are, of course, basic exercises, which is involved in the movement of more muscle groups simultaneously, for example.: Bench press, squat, a pressure head snapped to the trapeze, deadlift, bentover, … etc.
Weight training to increase gradually after 0.25 or 0.5 kg. Maybe you will seem pointless and ridiculous, but precisely for that purpose in the gym are those little wheels. No need to be embarrassed by 0.5 kg attached to the bar. If you imagine that breast exercise 4 times a month, so by adding this 0.5 kg in each year of training you to be able to push a 24 kg more.

4. Long enough post-workout recovery.

The muscles in the gym during a workout just to stimulate growth but the growth itself runs just over rest between workouts. The many, especially young people do not understand, and so we can meet with young boys who want to gain weight, and spend too much time in the gym in the hope that the longer there vagabond, it will be bigger.
Training, the muscle fibers, and it is destroying the resting phase of renewing and building. Generally speaking, the higher the intensity of the workout, the greater the damage to the muscle fibers and thus must not exceed the time for the restoration and completion. When you train with sufficient intensity simply can not train every day. If you train the same muscle group twice a week, it is a high probability that your workouts are not intense enough. Learn to accept rest and recovery as an important part of your training. Every day your training should be balanced day of rest. Bodybuilders, whose main goal is enlarging muscle strength and volume should train every muscle group of high-intensity training every 7-8 days.

5. Phasing and scheduling training.

The body may be subjected to the maximum stress only after some time. If it exceeds, our progress will be stopped and we had such a high intense workout went on, performance would have progressed very slowly, and we began to stagnate in the worst case, our performance may start to decline (overtraining).
To avoid such situation, it is necessary to vary the intensity and volume of training every 12 to 14 weeks. The body in this manner will not have time to get used to one and the same training system and will need to constantly adapt to new forms of load. In this way we can year divided into 3-4 training phase and gradually pass from one to the other. The phases should be put on a certain week – two, pause, and then move to the next phase. At each stage, we should focus on the power, volume, shape and can also include the drawing phase.
The next training program takes into account all the major factors that are necessary for a rapid increase in strength and muscle mass. In combination with high quality and nutritionally balanced diet will significantly increase its effectiveness. Since this is a high-intensity training program, it is not recommended to use natural bodybuilders over a longer period. This training program is meant only as a guide and a bodybuilder because it can change according to their individual needs.

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